Follow these links below to help you track refunds, pay tax obligations, and much more.
You haven’t received your refund yet? You will need your SS#, filing status (single, MFJ, etc.) and exact refund amount to track it.

You haven’t received your refund from CA yet? You will need your SS#, mailing address, and exact amount of your refund to track it.

Federal, State, and Local – Rather pay by credit card? Follow the steps on the Official Payments website. Be aware there is a fee to do so.

Are you self-employed or receive 1099 Income within the city of Los Angeles? You must register for a license and file a tax return.

This tax return is due the last day of February. You may not have any tax to pay if you qualify for one of the exemptions.

Did you start a new business? Did your company hire new employees? Would you rather give contract employers a number other than your SS#?

Would you like to get paid in the name of your business? Would you like to make your business more official?

Did you pay someone or even an LLC more than $600? You must have them fill this out so a 1099 can be processed.

Would you like someone in our office to talk to the IRS or the FTB on your behalf? Please sign page 2 and we will fill in the rest. (one page for each spouse)