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Welcome to ZNS, Inc. We are excited that you chose us for your tax/bookkeeping/business consulting needs. In order to get things done smoothly, please follow the steps below.

Fill out the Basic Info Worksheet
This will give us info like name, address, SS#’s and banking information. A new worksheet should be filled out when there are changes such as a move, a new child or new banking info.

Fill out New Client Questionnaire
All clients should fill this questionnaire out. This is a series of yes/no questions. This is helpful to get to know you and your tax situation better.

Sign the Letter of Engagement
This outlines our responsibilities as your tax preparer and your responsibilities as our client. This must be signed by both husband/wife.

Look over the Prep Need List
This list will help you to include all necessary documents to file a complete tax return.

  1. Please visit the Worksheet page and fill out any worksheets that are relevant.
  2. Please provide any notices received by the IRS/FTB or any localities.
  3. Please provide last filed tax return.
  4. After all the necessary documents are compiled please send an email to [email protected] and we will create a Dropbox folder and invite you to share the documents with us.
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