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Download these useful worksheets to help prepare for your tax return consultation.

All clients should download worksheets 1-4 and if you answer yes to any of the questions below- please also fill out that particular worksheet.

1. Basic Info Worksheet
Are you a new client? Have you moved? New banking info? Did you have a baby?

2. Client Questionnaire

All clients should fill this out annually. This is a series of yes/no questions. This is helpful to get to know you and your tax situation better.

3. Letter of Engagement
All new clients must sign this. This letters outlines our responsibilities to you as your tax preparer and your responsibilities to us as our client.

4. Preparer Need List
This is a list of items that should be looked over. It lists all items that should be included in your tax/document package to us. It also outlines the most common tax forms you may have received.

5. Business Expense Worksheet
Do you own a business? Did you receive any 1099s? Do you have business expenses to deduct?

6. Performing Artist Worksheet
Did you incur income or expenses related to acting, singing, modeling or performing of some other type?

7. Schedule A – Worksheet
Do you own a home? Do you have large medical bills? Did you donate a substantial amount to charity? Did you have employee business expenses?

8. Schedule E – Worksheet
Do you own rental real estate or a vacation home that you occasionally rent out? Do you rent out a room in your home? Do you rent out a back house?

9. S Corp – Worksheet
Do you own a S Corp? Do have income and expenses to report? Use this worksheet to facilitate the process.

10. 3508EZ Forgiveness Application
Did you get a PPP Loan and are you a Self Employed/Contractor?

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